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One of the Invisible

This Side of Pop Culture


A little concerning my former Bio

Okay, out with the randomly emo Bio. I'm open to friends, if you so happen to read my journal and like it, go ahead and friend me.

My Life

I live with a family of four in Missouri. I have a dog named Benji and a fraternal twin brother who we'll just call Andrew for now. We go boating on our Sail boat on occasion, and I play two instruments, the Violin and the Clarinet. In my spare time I draw, write, and read, or play video games. I am learning french, despite my mother's conviction that I should have taken spanish.

My Geek Side

I love video games, anime and manga in general, and just about anything concerning wolves. I have a PS2, which was our first system, and more recently we've purchased a Wii and a Xbox 360. I strive to collect stuff, even though it's a rather bad habit. As I said above, I collect games, anime/manga, and wolf stuff. Okay, and stuffed animals. I named my stuffed whale Willy.

My Sexuality

More recently I've noticed something. Up until the Summer of 2009, I've always thought of myself as a heterosexual girl. But after I finally took notice of the whole obsession with boyfriends/girlfriends, who's dating who, ohmigosh josh likes Heather but Heather's dating John who's actually a closet gay, I realized I had no interest in it whatsoever, and it rather bored me. I'd rather be playing a video game than talk dirty to a guy on the internet.

Well, I then recalled the word asexual and looked it up online. to my relief I found AVEN and several other useful resources, and as of now I think I'm an asexual aromantic. I guess life without sex fascinates some people.

Asexuality Visibility and Education Network